Friday, December 16, 2011

Tealight Sconce Ornament

Making these ornaments with the Big Shot was so easy!

 Adhere Cherry Cobbler card stock to both sides of chipboard and cut out the large oval on the Ovals die.

Cut the medium sized oval from aluminum flashing. You can find it in a roll at any store that sells roofing supplies.
 Use the Big Shot with the Finial Press folder followed by the Oval Frame folder to emboss the metal oval.
 Colour the edge of the chipboard oval with a Cherry Cobbler marker.
 Punch holes near the bottom of the metal oval about 1 in. apart using a Crop-O-Dile.

Cut 14 in. of Cherry Cobbler quilted stain ribbon and thread through the holes with the ends at the front. Use super-glue under the ribbon loop on the back of the metal and pull the ribbon flat.
 Spread super-glue on the back of the metal oval and close to the edges. Place the metal oval onto the chipboard oval.
 Use bulldog clips to hold the pieces until dry.
 Place a battery-powered tea light on the sconce and tie the ribbon into a bow. Make sure it's tight or add some adhesive to the base of the ribbon.
 Make a loop in the left-hand end.
 Bring the right-hand ribbon end up & over the loop.
 Push a loop of the right-hand ribbon through the overlap and under the first loop.
 Pull the loops, but be careful not to pull the ends through the knot!
Pull on the ends to form even loops. Trim the ends of the ribbon.

Punch a hole in the top of the chipboard oval and add a loop of elastic to hang from your tree.

Big Shot 113439
Ovals die 114525
Finial Press embossing folder 115963
Designer Frames 123130
Crop-O-Dile 108362
Cherry Cobbler marker 119681
Cherry Cobbler card stock 119685
Cherry Cobbler quilted satin ribbon 124105
Battery-powered tea light
Elastic cord

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