Friday, June 1, 2012

Beau Chateau Apron

It's June 1st! The first day of ordering from the New Catalogue! You can see it from the link in the left column. It's also Friday which means I'm sharing a fabric project.

Stampin' Up! fabric comes in sets of 3 Fat Quarters. I love the French Country feel of the roosters and florals in the Beau Chateau fabric.

The crochet trim and buttons are also from Stampin' Up!

It's a good idea to wash and dry the fabrics before making a project that will be washed because there will be some shrinkage.

Press the washed and dried fabrics and layer them on a cutting mat.
Trim the smallest amount of fabric while squaring them. Mine measured 17-3/8 in. X 26-1/4 in.

Blue Floral
Border-cut a 10 in. X 26-1/4 in. strip
Pocket lining and bands-cut two 7 in. X 9 in. pieces
Pink Dots
Waistband-cut a 4 in. X 26-1/4 in. strip
Ties-cut two 3 in. X 26-1/4 in. strips
Pockets-cut two 7 in. X 6 in. strips
-cut a 2 in. X 26-1/4 in. strip

Hem the sides of the rooster print by turning over 1/4 in. of fabric twice and stitch close to the folded edge.
Sew the blue floral to the bottom of the rooster print with a 1/2 in. seam allowance. The blue floral border fabric will extend past the hemmed sides by 1/2 in. each side.

Press the seam toward the blue floral fabric.
With right sides together, fold the blue floral border double with 1/2 in. of fabric extending past the seam.
Sew both sides with a 1/2 in. seam allowance.

Snip the corner at a shallow angle and press the seam open.

Trim the corner where the blue floral fabric is joined to the rooster print.
Turn blue floral border right side out.
Press under 1/2 in. seam allowance on facing.

Cut 27 in. of Victoria crochet trim.
Fold under 3/8 in. of ends and position over the border seam.
Sew to apron skirt closing the border facing seam.

Place interfacing on waistband.
Sew 2 rows of basting.

Cut a notch in the waistband and the skirt to mark the middle.
Cut notches in the waistband 10 in. from the middle on both sides.

Place a pin in the waistband 1 in. from the middle notch.
Then place 3 more pins spaced 1-1/2 in. apart.

Pin the apron skirt to the waistband matching the notches.
Secure the first pin through both layers.

Fold the skirt fabric back and pin 1/4 in. away through all layers.

Fold the skirt fabric forward and secure to waistband with next marking pin.

Continue forming pleats until the hemmed sides of the skirt meet the outer notches in the waistband.
Sew the skirt to the waistband using a 1/2 in. seam allowance.

Narrow hem both ties.
Fold in half lengthwise and sew across one end on both ties.

Press seam open

Turn right side out and press.

Pin ties to ends of waistband and form a pleat.

Sew to waistband.

Fold waistband right sides together and turn back 1/2 in. seam allowance on the waistband facing.
Sew across the ends of the waistband.
Trim seams.
Turn right sides out and trim corners to reduce bulk.
Pin waistband opening together.
Hand sew facing over seam.
Place pocket and lining piece together and sew 1/4 in. seam.
Press seam toward blue floral fabric.
Fold right sides together matching raw edges.
Sew 1/2 in. from raw edges, trim corners and press seams open.
Remove 2 in. of stitching from seam holding pink dots to blue floral.
Turn pockets right side out through opening and press.
Cut crochet trim the width of the pocket plus 3/4 in.
Fold under 3/8 in. on ends of trim and position over pocket seam.
Sew to pocket closing opening.
Cut 3-1/2 in. crochet trim and fold ends to middle.
Sew through all layers and pull thread to gather.
Secure the thread and sew bows to pockets.
Sew a button over the bow.
Position the pockets 3 in. above the border seam and 2-1/2 in. from the sides of the skirt.
Sew the pockets to the skirt.

-Beau Chateau Fabric 122336
-Victoria Crochet trim 118481
-Neutrals Buttons 119743
-interfacing and thread

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