Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sweet As Pie Paper Pumpkin

The October Paper Pumpkin kit contained 8 triangle gift boxes meant to hold slices of Pumpkin Pie, but it arrived too late to use for the Canadian Thanksgiving.

I used 5 boxes to make a lovely 3-D Star. I traded one of my boxes with a friend to have 5 of the same design. Hang it like a wreath or stand it on a shelf.

-cut 5 1-1/2 X 4 in. strips from the chipboard packing material
-score each strip in the middle and fold

-assemble 5 of the pie boxes
-use strong adhesive like Sticky Strip (104294), Fast Fuse (129026) or Tombow glue (110755) to adhere the corners of the boxes together by the folded strips
-apply sticky strip to the edges
-cut a 7 in. circle of Kraft card stock (133674)
-carefully position the arcs of the circle evenly on the adhesive on the boxes
-cut 3 Paper Doilies (129399) in half and fold under a 3/8 in. section
-adhere the half doilies over the edge of the boxes
-cut 1-1/2 in. wide strips of Kraft card stock
-adhere the strips inside the pentagon formed by the boxes
-wrap Gold twine (132975) around the star
-use a glue gun to adhere buttons around the opening

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