Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ribbon Tree Ornaments

These tree ornaments are made with Stampin' Up! ribbons pinned to styrofoam balls.

Use short steel head pins.

I used Ribbon Widths (RW) to measure the length of ribbon needed.
If 5/8 in. wide ribbon is used, then 4RW will be 2-1/2 in. long. (That's 5/8 X 4 = 2-1/2)

-cut 4 strips of ribbon, 4RW long
-push a pin through the middle of the ribbon strip about 1/16" from the edge
-push the pin into the styrofoam ball (mine had a line like the equator)
-fold the ends of the ribbon back forming a point and hold in place with more pins
-if the pinhead isn't hidden then place the pin farther from the edge of the ribbon
-place all 4 strips of ribbon adjusting as needed to cover the ball
-cut 8 strips of ribbon, 4 RW long for the next row
-pin 4 strips over the bias joins of the previous row first, then pin 4 strips between them
-continue placing ribbons over the previous ribbons until half the ball is covered
-remove pins holding the ends NOT the points as you go
-turn the ball over and place a pin in the centre along the equator
-cover this side of the ball the same as the first side
-stitch through all layers of ribbon around the ball to hold them in place
-trim ribbon ends
-remove any unnecessary pins
-tie a ribbon around the ball to hide the stitching and make a hanging loop

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stampwithsandy said...

Wow. Beautiful. Truly a labor of love.